Sci Fi channel changing its name to SyFy

This has been blogged about ad-infinitum, so I’m not going to add to the chorus of cries from geekdom about the horrible new name.

But it did occur to me that this could be the start of something worse – the Sci Fi channel drifting away from its roots, Science Fiction and related material. Yes, I know that it already airs wrestling and gaming, but I can forgive them a few tangents if it helps pay the bills.

What I’m thinking of is best described by an example – MTV. MTV, the original cable channel, has pretty much nothing to do with music any more. So much so, that they had start a new channel, MTV2 just to air the music that they were formed in the first place for.

I’d rather that didn’t happen to the Sci Fi channel. And yes, I’m still going to call it that!

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