SBG Labs shows off prototypes of full-color heads-up wearable displays

You know we love reporting on technologies that still seem futuristic, but are either here today or very close. Sunnyvale CA company, SBG Labs, has a working prototype of a wrap-around heads-up display that provides for a clear, full-color display via a lightweight pair of eyeglasses.

These wearable displays uses a technology called holographic optics. Basically, it works by beaming concentrated beams of light from light-emitting laser diodes in small projectors in the side of the eyeglass’ frames to the surface of the lenses. These are then diffracted to your eyes.

SBG is currently working on products for the military and other outfits that can afford the technology today. Consumer products will come later.

You can see more details on the technology and product on SBG’s website and in a video they produced. Unfortunately, the video is rather boring with cheesy sound and graphics and is a total promo for the company rather than a cool look at the technology and potential applications.