Sanyo VPC-C5 MPEG-4 Camcorder/5 MP Digital Still Camera w/5x Optical Zoom

Sanyo VPC-C5 MPEG-4 Camcorder/5 MP Digital Still Camera w/5x Optical Zoom

Make movies anywhere with this tiny, tapeless digital camera. In fact, this multifunction video camera/digital still camera is so small and lightweight, others might mistake it for a cell phone. But don’t be fooled by its diminutive design; the VPC-C5 sports a five-megapixel image sensor and can capture more than 15 minutes of DVD-quality MPEG-4 video on the included 128MB memory card.

The VPC-C5’s 1/2.5 inch, 5.26-megapixel CCD sensor can capture images with enough photo-quality detail to create prints as large as 13-by-17-inches. What’s more, the camera features real-time pixel interpolation that can simulate the level of detail rendered by 10-megapixel cameras–images that look sharp when printed at 18-by-24 inches.

The camera features a built-in 5x optical zoom lens. Since even the smallest movements and vibrations are magnified in telephoto photography, the camera’s built-in image stabilization will help you get sharp, clear photos even when your subject is far away. The camera’s optical zoom is complemented with a 12x digital zoom.

Seven scene-select modes will help you optimize your camera for common shooting conditions: auto, sports, portrait, landscape, night view, fireworks, and lamp. The camera even has a Super Macro mode, which will allow you to focus and frame on tiny subjects, such as a flower or sea shell, that are only one centimeter away from the front of the camera lens. The camera also boasts a 3-mode flash (Auto/Forced/Off with slow synchro possible in Night View mode) and a selectable two-second/10-second self-timer.

Graph showing the advantages of MPEG-4 video MPEG-4 video compression allows the VPC-C5 to capture and store more video than other video formats.

The VPC-C5 captures full-frame MPEG-4 compressed digital video. Unlike most digital cameras that take short, small, silent video clips, this machine captures movies at a smooth 30 frames-per-second–the same frame rate standard as broadcast television. Also, it records high-quality stereo audio with built-in wind roar reduction, so clips taken at the slopes or the beach are less likely to have their audio muffled by sudden gusts. The VPC-C5 even lets you snap digital stills while you’re filming video.

The VPC-C5 built-in image stabilization minimizes the subtle hand movements and vibrations that make for blurry shots during telephoto shooting. The camera’s large two-inch trans-reflective LCD monitor makes viewing your stills and clips easy, even in direct sunlight. Best of all, the screen is mounted on a pivoting hinge: It swings out and pivots for easy viewing during even high- and low-angle shots, can pivot all the way around for self-portrait framing, and folds together for screen-protecting storage when not in use. The camera supports digital output in the form of USB 2.0 and S-Video analog output.

Tiny cameras–especially those packed with a lot of features–can be difficult to figure out. Fisher has gotten around this problem by creating an on-board talking navigation guide that explains the camera’s features and settings in plain English audio. It comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and it supports the camera-to-printer functionality of PictBridge. The camera even comes with a dedicated docking station to make image uploads and battery recharging a one-touch procedure.

What’s in the Box

VPC-C5 multifunction digital camera, Sanyo Software Pack 7.2 CD-ROM, docking station, cable adaptor, USB interface cable, S-AV interface cable, SD memory card, lithium-ion battery, AC adaptor charger (100 – 240 V) and power cord, soft case, neckstrap, lens cap, remote controller, quick guide.

Price: $699.95
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