Samsung Offers 100GB And 120GB 2.5-Inch Hard Disk Drives For Notebook PCs

San Jose, CA – February 2, 2006 – Samsung Electronics Ltd., the worldwide digital consumer electronics and information technology forerunner, introduces four new 2.5-inch hard disk drives specifically designed for intensive notebook and enterprise computing applications. Samsung’s latest addition to its award-winning SpinPoint family of hard drives includes the M60 SATA Series featuring the 100GB HM100JI ($170 Estimated Street Price) and 120GB HM120JI ($200) and the M60 Series featuring 100GB HM100JC ($150) and 120GB HM120JC ($180).

“In continuing with our progress and commitment of being at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, Samsung is focused on providing high-end storage solutions with increased capacity,� said Albert Kim, National Sales Manger, Storage Systems for Samsung SSI. “The new M60 SATA Series and M60 Series demonstrate Samsung’s continuing commitment of providing quality and reliable hard drives for the enterprise marketplace and for home users.�

The M60 SATA Series hard drives are perfect for enterprise applications such as blade servers that require small form factors with the benefits of Serial ATA technology. The M60 SATA Series allows for an unlimited number of hard drives with a system. The M60 SATA Series is the perfect solution for “daisy chaining� of drives via slim cables, allowing users to store virtually unlimited amount of data by simply adding additional drives to their system.

Ideal for corporate or mobile computing needs, the M60 Series and M60 SATA Series feature a 8MB of onboard data cache and high performance 5,400rpm spindle speed. The new series of hard drives provide cutting-edge shock protection capability through an advanced mechanical platform and able-bodied cover design engineered to minimize the intensity of external shock transmitted to the most critical components of the drive.

The M60 Series and M60 SATA Series hard drives are equipped with Samsung’s Hybrid Latch System, a revolutionary new latch mechanism that eliminates unpleasant rattling noises and significantly reduces the clicking noise generated when a drive moves its heads on and off the disk according to the operating modes. The drive uses a Fluid Dynamic Bearing motor to achieve an industry-leading operating acoustic noise levels.

Each of the new M60 SATA Series and M60 Series Parallel ATA hard drives feature 60GB formatted capacity per disk, Fluid Dynamic Bearing Spindle motor technology, ATA SMART feature set, ATA Automatic Acoustic Management, ATA Device Configuration overlay and Multi-Burst On-The-Fly Error Correction. Utilizing Samsung’s SilentSeek™ technology, the M60 Series and M60 SATA Series provide pc notebook users and with some of the quietest 2.5-inch hard drives in the industry.

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