Ripxx Sports PMD – Track Every Move and Replay and Analyze Later

ripxx pmdOutdoor (extreme) sports person? And trying to push your limits all the time? Then you need to take a look at Ripxx. This is a pocket-sized gadget that keeps track of all of your motions, times, locations and more when you’re out there doing whatever – skiing, snowboarding, rock-climbing, biking, you name it.

Ripxx includes:

  • A hyperactive GPS (10 signals per sec)
  • 3 accelerometers for measuring speed and acceleration in any direction
  • 3 gyroscopes for covering flips, spins in whatever direction.
  • Software for your PC for viewing and analyzing your performance data as well as replaying what you did.

The Ripxx PMD is water-resistant and shockproof and is being used by a number of US Olympic athletes.

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Price: $329.99
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