Review: Slappa CD Case

Review: Slappa CD Case

Total Impact Industrial sent us a Blue Collection Slappa CD case to review recently. As with the Slappa DVD Case, Slappa has proven they know how to make high quality media cases for a great value.

The Slappa CD cases come in several difference collections representing different colors including the Camel Collection (camel or brown z-suede), Black Wave Collection (black z-suede), Graphite Collection (black and graphite) and the Blue Collection (blue and graphite). The cases with z-suede, which feels like suede, cost slightly more. All of the cases have a Slappa 3D logo molded into the case. The 40 Blue Collection CD case we received looks cool and much better than the other CD cases I own. All CD cases have some groovy black velvet with netting for storage of a dust-free cloth.

There are four different sizes of CD cases including 40, 80, 160 and 240. You could use the Slappa D2 technology by storing 40 CDs or 20 CDs and 20 CD artwork covers in a 40 for example (80 CDs or 40 CDs and 40 CD artwork covers in an 80, and so on).

So now that we’ve talked about the look and feel of the CD cases… how well do they work? Do they protect CDs or is the Slappa CD case just another pretty case? The case protects CDs from scratching by housing the CDs in between two layers of non-scratch fabric. As I mentioned in the Slappa DVD Case review, Slappa’s tag line is “Protect Your Digital Gear” and they mean it.

The CD case uses a catalog window on the spine and you can use the clear view front pocket of the D2 to display the CD artwork covers. If you store the CD artwork you can quickly find the CD you need by flipping through the case but you lose half the spots to store CDs.

The shell of the CD case is well-built and sturdy unlike most CD cases that are soft shelled or made of cheap plastic. The patented D2 pockets are stitched and not heat sealed so the plastic view window will not come unsealed. The Slappa CD case has a 3D injected rubber easy grip zipper pull attached to a heavy duty industrial zipper allowing easy opening and closing of the case.

The Blue and Graphite Collections start at $14.99 and run up to $49.99 for the largest case. Camel and Black Wave Collection (with the z-suede) start at $15.99 and go up to $49.99. The recommended price for the Slappa CD case we reviewed was $14.99.

Slappa knows how to protect your media. You have really got to feel one of these CD cases to understand just how well made these cases are.

You can check out all of Slappa’s product at the website:

You can buy the product from Slappa or Audio Cubes (an affiliate of ours):
Slappa 40 HardBody CD Case

What’s Groovy and What’s Sucky

What’s Groovy: The best part of the Slappa CD case is that it does it’s job and protects your CD collection.
The Slappa CD case is extremely well-built and appears to be very durable.

What’s Sucky: There really are no problems with the product itself. Pricing for storing 20 CDs may be slightly high at $14.99 or $15.99 depending on which Collection you purchase; however, the product is really well-built and should demand a premium over most CD carrying cases.

Features Performance Quality Value
5 Stars 5 Stars 5 Stars 4 Stars
The CD case features the D2 pockets with non-scratch cloth protecting the your CD media as well as the spine catalog window and a clear window to store the CD artwork. This is one feature-packed case. The product operates perfectly. The heavy duty zipper really works well and the D2 pockets do not scratch the CDs at all. Slappa is the definition of quality when it comes to media cases. The Slappa CD case’s value is a notch less than perfect because I’m a cheap. On Slappa’s defense, they have a superior product than other CD cases on the market and can get away with charging a premium in my humble opinion.
5 Stars
Overall, Slappa CD cases are incredibly well-built and protect CDs with a durable hard shell. The CD case has many little extras such as velvet and a mesh net on the interior to the heavy duty zipper that make this CD carrying case a five star recommendation for the Geeks.