Review: SignaLinc Plug-In Coupler-Repeater

Review: SignaLinc Plug-In Coupler-Repeater

The SignaLinc Plug-In Coupler-Repeater helps eliminate X10 problems that are caused by having multiple phases in the electrical system.

Basically, you have two separate lines (phases) of 110VAC coming in to your house. In order for the X10 signal to get from one to the other, it needs to go through everything on the first leg, leave the house, travel to the transformer (which you’re sharing with your neighbors), jump to the other leg, and then go through everything on the second leg. This is a rather rough journey for a little 4 volt signal.

There are several products that let the signal cross phases at your breaker box and they range from passive phase-couplers and active phase-couplers. The active phase-coupler also repeats and amplifies the signal adding strength and not just passing the signal through. The SignaLinc Plug-In Coupler-Repeater is an active phase coupler.

The product comes in two different styles depending on your power dryer connection – a 3 Pin and a 4 Pin version. Check the big power outlet behind your dryer to see which one you need. SignaLinc includes a pass-thru so you can still power your dryer even when the phase-coupler is installed.

You will love the installation process. First, open the box. Next, plug the SignaLinc Plug-In Coupler-Repeater into the outlet behind the dryer. That’s it except you might have some additional steps of unplugging the dryer and then plugging the dryer into the SignaLinc. Installation time: 15 seconds!

The product comes with four Diagnostic LEDs that indicate the send and receive activity. Of course, once the dryer is back in place, unless the outlet is located above the back of the dryer, you cannot see the diagnostic LEDs. The LEDs for the most part are not useful except when you first hook up the phase-coupler.

SignaLinc also amplifies the signal as it passes through the device. The larger the house, the more important this feature is. I found in a 4,000 square-foot house that this is necessary.

You can get a hold of this product from Smarthome. Make sure you choose the correct version:
4-Pin SignaLinc Plug-In Coupler-Repeater or
3-Pin SignaLinc Plug-In Coupler-Repeater

What’s Groovy and What’s Sucky

What’s Groovy: The fact that you don’t need to hire an electrician or cut power to your house to install this active phase-coupler / repeater makes this product groovy!

What’s Sucky: There’s nothing sucky about the SignaLinc Plug-In Coupler-Repeater.

Features Performance Quality Value
5 Stars 5 Stars 5 Stars 5 Stars
The phase-coupler includes diagnostic LEDs which visually show send and receive activity separated by phase A and phase B. Other phase-couplers that I have tested do not have this feature. Also, this phase-coupler just needs to be plugged in and not hard wired in which is a big plus because no electrician is needed. I had X10 signal problems and had tried a hard wired SignaLinc passive phase-coupler first to no avail but after simply plugging in this active phase-coupler, my X10 phase problems disappeared. Worked like a charm! The product is very durable and is solid. No complaints here! The product is well made, has some bonus features and works well. The $89.99 price tag is well worth making X10 connectivity headache free.
5 Stars
This is the first product I’ve reviewed that truely deserves a five out of five across the board. If you are having X10 problems between rooms, get this product and the problems should disappear.