Review: Dirt Devil KWIK Computer Mini-Vac

As a frequent reader of our blog, you will already know that Dirt Devil added a new item to their product line last year aimed at computer users – the KWIK Mini-Vac. Dirt Devil was kind enough to send us a sample to test out and here is our review.

In a nutshell, love it. First of all, this does not look like the traditional mini-vacuum cleaner. This is sexy. When the KWIK is plugged into its charging base, it forms a cyclindrical arch that is a metallic silver.

A nice touch for computer users is that of course, it’s charged via a USB conn, so it can sit on your desk as another accessory, or at least nice and close to your computer.

But what about the vacuum? Well don’t expect Oreck or Kirby power here; it is after all a mini-vac. However, it has more suction than any other mini-vac I’ve ever tried. Now don’t expect that you suddenly get those pizza crumbs buried in between your keyboard keys. But it will clean up all that dust settling on your keyboard and computer, and even your screen with some help from the brush.

There is a crevice tool which normally lives well-hidden on the underside of the KWIK. There is also a brush tool which snaps out.

All in all, for just a bit more moolah, you can pick up a KWIK over the traditional computer mini-vac and you’ll be a lot more happier. It is a well-designed tool that gets the job done.