Review: capCAP Bottle Cap replacement

I recently had a chance to test out what I like to call a batteries-not-needed gadget called the capCAP. It’s essentially a replacement for the many wide-mouth plastic bottles out there. Why would you need one of these when those bottles already come with cap? Pretty easy – replace the awkwardly large openings with a cap that is smaller, easier to pour, and drink out of.

Before I started using it, I didn’t think I would really need it, but once I started using it, I was hooked. I have a large Nalgene bottle that I like to fill up with water whenever I go play soccer/volleyball/whatever, and I immediately found that unscrewing the smaller cap and drinking out of it was a much better experience than the standard cap.

The upside is that you still have access to the wide-mouth bottle for stuffing your bottle full of ice, fruit, what-have-you, quick-filling and cleaning via the lower wide-mouth cap (that the smaller cap screws onto). What I thought was most interesting in this was how many different bottles actually have the same cap form-factor and accept the capCAP as a replacement. capCAP works with Nalgene 1L, Nalgene OTC, CamelBaks, Cyclones, Stansport and more.

The capCAP is a BPA- and polycarbonate-free (2 common chemicals used in plastics that have been found in various studies to be toxic), and instead made of polypropelene #5 which is blessed by the FDA. The capCAP is the first product made by a small startup called humangear. I’m curious to see what they produce next. Meantime, I’ve ripped off the cap off my Nalgene bottle and am a capCAP user now!