Review: aXbo Sleep Phase Alarm Clock – wakes you at the optimal point in your sleep cycle

axbo sleep phaseFollowing up on the heels of the SleepTracker is a sleek, gorgeously designed alarm clock from European company, aXbo, that uses an accompanying wristband to track your body’s movements throughout your sleep.

Based on those movements, it can determine where you are in your sleep cycle. Research has shown that there is an optimum point in your sleep cycle to awaken to feel refreshed.

Set your aXbo Sleep Phase Alarm Clock for the latest time that you wish to awake. It will start looking for your optimal waking point 30 minutes prior to that and will sound an alarm, which include some more gentle nature sounds.

Having tried the aXbo, there is no question that it finds a better point in time to awaken. Is it extremely accurate? That’s hard to tell based only on how refreshed you feel, because how well you sleep and how energetic you feel depends on many factors outside of just your ideal wake time.

The aXbo has a unique, yet easy to use interface and the buttons have an ideal feel to them. It’s easy to get lost in the semi-transparent display as well. aXbo recharges via USB or the included adapter.

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