Remote Control Pirate vs Ninja

Remote Control Pirate vs Ninja A gong rings. A cannon fires. Two warriors enter the battle arena: one ninja and one pirate – chosen by their people as the pinnacle of their respective disciplines. They glare; they posture. Each warrior waits for the other to make a move. In fact they wait so long, that something weird and random happens to their bodies: they begin to inflate in the hot sun. And pretty soon, they resemble balloons. Not knowing what to do, their crews place them on wheeled dollies and push them at each other. And thus the R/C Ninja vs. Pirate feud began.

In case you didn’t know, pirates and ninjas are mortal enemies so the fighting action between the two blow-up wheeling remote control characters should rival any fight scene in a movie. The only difference is, your thumbs get a workout with these remote control fighters. In case you don’t believe that pirates and ninjas are mortal enemies… I present Exhibit A:


Suggested Price: $29.99