Radica Play TV Golden Tee Golf

Radica Play TV Golden Tee Golf

I have but one real addiction in my life… Golden Tee!

You see, in the physical realm I pretty much suck at golf, but when it comes to the Golden Tee arcade game… the ball actually tends to go in the general direction I want it to.

Granted, the machine does not have the latest software loaded but without the $5k to “invest” in a Golden Tee Live! full size arcade machine, this game unit is a deal for $40.

If you’re a fan of Golden Tee Golf, you may have wished you could drag that arcade machine home with you, so you could keep playing even after you ran out of quarters. Now there’s no need to clean out a corner of the living room with Play TV Golden Tee Golf. Just plug the unit into your TV or VCR and get your Golden Tee fix without the arcade.

Officially licensed by the makers of Golden Tee, Incredible Technologies, the Play TV version features the unique trackball interface you remember from the arcade, so you can Slice, Hook, Draw or Fade. The realistic gameplay you know and love from the original arcade game is here as well and you can play with up to three friends. Try out Stroke or Tournament modes for extra fun.

Price: $39.99
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