R2-D2 Interactive Droid

R2-D2 Interactive Droid

Everyone needs an Astromech Droid like R2-D2. This 30 year old droid will fix your car while you drive down the road to work and with the help of his extendable utility arm, will bring you a beer! Granted the droid “speaks” in gibberish, but his squeals, beeps, whistles, gestures and flashing lights help.

One more reason to get R2-D2, Astromech Droids are much less annoying that those darn protocol droids that like to brag about their six million forms of communication they know. After all, who needs to speak “toaster”?

In the hundred-year history of science fiction films, only one robot can truly be called a movie star, and that’s R2-D2â„¢ of “Star Wars®”. Celebrate R2’s big 30th birthday next year by bringing the droid into your home now. Charming and affable, he will serve as your dedicated helper (an extendable utility arm holds a drink) and loyal friend. He obeys commands, communicates with beeps and whistles, gestures, flashes his lights, swivels his dome, dances to a cantina song, plays games and navigates with sonar and infrared sensors.

Voice activated, R2 functions in three modes: Companion, where he’s friendly; Game, where he plays tag, spins and dances; and Command, where he maneuvers in different directions. He recognizes 30 phrases and responds to your voice commands. He’ll react differently when you mention Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Anakin, Obi-Wan, Chewbacca, Jabba the Hut or his best friend, C-3PO. For example, say Princess Leia’s name and R2 emits excited wolf-like whistles, but mention Darth Vader and he shakes with fear! R2-D2’s power supply is 4 AA batteries and 4 D batteries (order all separately). Measures 16 1/2″ x 11″ x 11″ and weighs 7 lbs. Ages 8 and up. 90-day warranty.

Price: $119.95
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

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