PSP 2.0 Firmware cracked

CNET Australia is running a piece on how the PSP 2.0 Firmware has been cracked. Although Sony periodically releases firmware updates that prevent hacks and homebrewed code to be run, an amateur programmer has made a file that forces a buffer overflow that would theoretically allow for custom code to be run on the PSP. What was really interesting about the piece was the note that the programmer left for Sony: “If you wanted to find us I know you could. This release wasn’t intended as a way to run pirated software on the PSP. We believe that everyone should be able to compile their own code and run it. Nothing is kept secret forever and I’m sure you know this. In the end, if it wasn’t us, it would be some one else. Fighting it would be like skating up a hill. You did create the PSP and did an amazing job.”

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