Portable In-Car Dash Mountable Camera with DVR

Portable In-Car Dash Mountable Camera with DVR Are you the frequent target of police brutality? Do you want to have video evidence of what your teenager does behind the wheel? Ever wish you had a video black box to record an accident to help argue your side? When is the last time you took your new car around your city’s beltway at 130mph only to be laughed at by your non-believer friends?

I’ve got a million of these, seriously… do you want me to continue?

Anyway, intended use of this gizmo is to record crucial information about the scene of a collision. The portable DVR can record important details about the scene of an accident including the weather, road conditions, and the position of traffic immediately before and during a traffic collision. Video evidence is detailed and objective and could be useful for law enforcement and insurance companies. Arguing your side of what occurred during an accident is a whole lot easier when you have video footage to support your case.


Suggested Price: $78.99