Pleo Robotic Life Form

Pleo Robotic Life Form Every red blooded geek loves robots. Which is why we were pretty bummed out when Sony discontinued their Aibo line of robotic dogs (instead we got PS3… but that’s a story for another day). And we’re only marginally interested in those radio control style robots… yep we want robots that can think and move for themselves not be some kind of fancy r/c car. So you can imagine our pleasure when we checked out Pleo. Not only does Pleo move and react autonomously, he looks just like a mini dinosaur. Pleo’s lifelike motions and realistic interactions will have you treating him like part of the family in no time.

Frankly on our list of cool pets robots rank #1 with dinosaurs a close second, so Pleo is certainly the best of both worlds. Plus we were happy to notice the addition of a mini USB port and SD memory card slot which will hopefully lead to some sweet Pleo hacks. Enough blabbing. Check out the Pleo video below and all will be revealed.


Suggested Price: $349.99