Pleo Dinosaur – A Ugobe Life Form

Pleo Dinosaur - A Ugobe Life Form Usually the Geeks only feature items that are currently available, but we’ve decided to feature Pleo which will be shipped starting 12/18… just in time for Christmas. Pleo is guaranteed to be a highly wished for gift for Christmas from kids and Geek’s alike as this fully autonomous robot can fully interact with you and through interactions actually forms a unique personality. Moving organically, expressing emotion, autonomously exploring and responding to the world around him, Pleo’s sensory system has sensors that allow him to see, to sense touch and to detect objects using a color camera, sound sensors, 2 infrared sensors, 14 motors, over 100 gears, 8 touch sensors and an orientation sensor.

As a bonus for the Geeks, Pleo runs off the Life OS platform of tools, technologies and AI which combine to create an expressive whole that forms a unique personality. Users can find training tips and download enhancements to Pleo from, but his programming merely sets his wheels in motion, leaving the true magic of his development up to you.


Suggested Price: $349.99