“Playlist”: A New Digital Music Magazine

SAN FRANCISCO –(Business Wire)– Aug. 16, 2004

IDG’s Mac Publishing, LLC is debuting Playlist, a digital music magazine for Windows and Mac users, on August 24, 2004. Created by the editors of Macworld magazine, the newsstand-only issue will spotlight digital music technology, the digital lifestyle, and music artists. Playlist is designed for everyone from the novice music consumer and fan to the digital-entertainment professional.

Inside the first issue of Playlist, editors provide a complete look at the world surrounding Apple’s market-leading iPod and iTunes products, including a look at the latest iPod models; a buyer’s guide of the best iPod accessories, including headphones, speakers, and cases; and tips and tricks about how to use the iPod and iTunes to their fullest. Completing the issue is groundbreaking coverage of the digital music scene, including an exclusive interview in which members of the popular band Wilco tells Playlist why they are willing to give its music away for free online. Other music coverage in the issue includes interviews with a broad range of musicians and DJs, reviews of new music downloads, and a large collection of playlists from artists, music critics, and the Playlist staff.

Playlist will meet the diverse needs of music enthusiasts. The in-depth editorial coverage will include tech-oriented articles, interviews with cutting-edge music artists, and of course, plenty of playlists from musicians and music fans alike.

A second Playlist issue, featuring coverage of the iPod and iTunes as well as the broader world of digital music, is in development and planned for a newsstand-only distribution in November 2004.

Also in development is PlaylistMag.com, a community Web site dedicated to the digital music phenomenon. With new content posted daily, PlaylistMag.com’s special features will include news, product and music reviews, how-to’s, and opinion articles with regular free music downloads. PlaylistMag.com’s editor-in-chief is Christopher Breen, a Macworld columnist, TechTV regular and author of the popular book Secrets of the iPod.

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