Piranhaz – R/C Battle Fish… only if… April Fool’s Joke!

Piranhaz - R/C Battle Fish... only if... April Fool's Joke!

Dougie, you know… Dr. Evil, always wanted “friggin laser beams” attached to sharks heads. Instead we have Pirahaz (yup, that’s how it’s spelled) with laser beams that are remote controlled! The Pirahaz are perfect for introducing your kids to the circle of life where whoever gets fragged the first three times bellies up and floats.

Each Piranhaz set comes with two battle fish, equipped with their own laser cannon. A quick charge from the remote and each fish is ready to go. Squeeze their sides to turn them on (you’ll see the eyes light up) and put them in the Arena. They will suck in a little water for ballast (just like a submarine). And then…FIGHT! Each fish is capable of up/down and left/right motion. When you have your enemy in your sights, fire your laser; three hits and your enemy will dump its ballast and float to the surface. And you will float to victory.

Since the actual laser beams can blind real fish, you better take them out of the battlezone, er fishtank. A glass of water or toilet should hold the little ones.

* Amazingly small Infrared remote control fish (approx. 3″ long X 2.5″ high)
* Each fish is on a different channel (27 MHz and 40 MHz)
* Fully functional laser tag “cannon” on each fish.
* LED eyes indicate power on and “hit” status
* Full swim control with up/down, turn right/left, and fire.
* Body is constructed from durable plastic
* Internal Battle Fish batteries charge from remote control unit
* 15 minute charge time, 5 – 7 minute fight time
* Uses 6AA Batteries (not included)
* Battle Arena (fish tank) not included

Price: $29.99
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)