Picco Z RC Helicopter

Picco Z RC Helicopter

One of the hottest toys in 2006 was the mini electric remote control helicopter. Long gone are the days when my brother flew his gas-powered remote control helicopter at a local park. I still remember the last time I went with him to watch. The remote control helicopter had a mind of it’s own and turned on us chasing us across a baseball field. My brother could not gain control of the helicopter and we dove under our car to escape the turning blades of death and destruction.

Luckily the Picco Z RC Helicopter is a lot smaller and less deadly. Also, the RC helicopter is more durable than the larger gas-powered RC helicopters not to mention the fact you can fly the Picco Z inside (not an option with a larger RC helicopter unless you’re just plain dumb).

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As this year’s hottest new toy, the Picco Z miniature helicopter takes all the most advanced programming and materials and combines them in a responsive, and virtually indestructible RC flyer. It’s hard to believe that there is so much technology and research in the palm of your hand, but after your first flight you will not be disappointed. The Picco Z features a two channel digitally proportional control system, EPP foam construction and an advanced Lithium Polymer battery.

Price: $39
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)