Philips Streamium SL400i WiFi-Enabled Multimedia Receiver

Philips Streamium SL400i WiFi-Enabled Multimedia Receiver

If you’ve been hankering to integrate your digital media files with your entertainment system, the Philips SL400i Streamium WiFi-enabled audio-video streaming device offers a slick path toward exactly that end. Without bogging down your PC’s resources, the SL400i gives you access to your complete library of digital photos, MP3 music, and computer- and Internet-based movies and video content–all wirelessly. The Streamium can even upgrade itself so you get new features and services as they become available.


  • Internet Music Services – Streamium provides access to thousands of online music channels through your home entertainment system… anything you could possibly want to hear.
  • Internet Videos – Watch movie previews, short films and music videos from Yahoo! and iFilm.
  • Internet Photos – Share your photos online and view them on your TV with Yahoo! Photos.
  • Internet Games – Choose from an expanding selection of the most popular games, like Solitaire and Codemaster.
  • PC Link – Use your TV to access music, videos and photos stored on your PC… at the touch of a button.
  • Wi-Fi® connectivity to your home network and online entertainment media.
  • Remote Control – Full-featured remote control with advanced selection and input controls.
  • Personalization – Use the convenient Favorites button to quickly access your pre-selected music, videos and photos.
  • Set Display – A lighted LCD display for making selections when the TV is off.
  • Screen Control – Use the colored buttons on the remote to show videos and photos full-screen and display available information about media playing.
  • Instant Info – Use the INFO! button to instantly get information about CDs, artists and songs.
  • Internet Media Management – Easily manage your entertainment media and preferences with the included account.
  • PC Media Management – Select the media you want available from your PC with the included Philips Media Manager software.
  • Futureproof – The Streamium SL400i upgrades its own software to add new services, features and media formats.

Price: $399.99 (with rebate)
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

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