PC World Announces 2006 World Class Awards Winners

Last week, PC World magazine released the winners of its 2006 World Class Awards. Topping the list was Intel’s Duo Core CPU followed closely by AMD’s Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core. I thought it interesting that Craigslist made #3. I loved that Firefox 1.5 ( ) made the list and quite high as well at #12. Good for the Mozilla Foundation and in the back of my mind, I still sentimentally think of them as Netscape. Also on the list is Mozilla’s Thunderbird e-mail client, which I also use and depend on. I do find it interesting that Yahoo! Mail made the list, but Google’s Gmail did not. I have used both extensively and Yahoo! Mail’s spam filtering capability has just degraded (or at least not kept up) to the point where I can’t use it any more. Oh yes, for a more extensive comparison of Web-based e-mail services, check out our review. It’s a bit old, but most of the info in it still applies today.