PC Magazine Lists 13 Technologies Guaranteed to Change the World

Barcelona Quad-core chip The advanced technology slated to hit the market in the next decade makes the Jetsons look like the Flintstones. And the sheer number of new, life-simplifying products is simply mind boggling. So, instead of listing every upcoming gadget and gear, PC Magazine limited their reporting to technological milestones. The result is a list of 13 technologies that are guaranteed to change the world between now and 2020. Some in the list include:

The Real Quad-Core: (Summer 2007). The first single-chip quad-core CPU by AMD. Code-named Barcelona, it promises 20 to 50 percent better performance than the competing multichip.

Hello, OLED: (Late 2007). Sony introduces the first OLED (organic light-emitting diode) television. While it’s too small and expensive for mass consumption, early adopters will love its 3mm profile and 1,000,000-to-1 contrast ratio.

Like Wi-Fi—But Everywhere: (2008).The first WiMAX services in the U.S. will give major metro areas wireless access that rivals the speeds of Wi-Fi. The difference? No more hot spots. It will be everywhere you go.

To find out about the remaining technological breakthroughs check out PC Magazine.