Pay to be Dugg, Get Paid to Digg

Now that Digg has risen into the stratosphere of the most popular websites, and it also acts like Slashdot in terms of its promotional effect for other websites, along comes along a red-blooded, opportunistic entrepreneur who is trying to capitalize on Digg’s popularity to make a buck (God bless ’em! ;-)). Essentially, if you’ve got an article or site you want to promote, you pay the site, User/Submitter $20 plus $1 per digg desired, and then User/Submitter pays other folks $0.50 per article that they digg. No guarantee that your article will hit the Digg front page, but hey, if you spent $1k or so, you probably will make it. Now how long before Digg shuts down this type of service or changes how they allow diggs?

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