Oregan Networks Extends Skype Functionalities to the Television

Skype Alert on EPG screenOregan Networks, a software provider that licenses its embedded solutions to convergence carriers and Consumer Electronic brands, today announced availability of a new feature for delivery of Skype message alerts and caller ID to TV-centric devices, aiming to further enrich the end consumer’s experience and interactivity. Oregan Media Browser, the embedded software product of the company, enables ‘ubiquitous’ Internet and IPTV services and is based on the established open standards for web content authoring and distribution.

The new feature enables a scenario, where consumers can be notified of Skype messages and calls whilst watching digital broadcast or IP television, with options to dismiss or respond without leaving the sofa.

The company views the Skype service as one of the most compelling features available for Internet users today. Delivery of Skype applications on TV is in line with Oregan’s mission to enable the non-PC market to tap into the advanced interactivity, “any-time, any-place” connectivity and fresh dynamic content – through Internet technologies.

About Oregan Media Browser

The Oregan Media Browser suite of embedded software building blocks consists of three media enabling modules:


The highly integrated architecture of the solution allows service providers to deploy multiple entertainment functionalities via a single embedded software stack, enabling broadband delivery of interactive video, music and live data services via a web-based user interface, as well as distribution of downloaded content to multiple client devices on the network.

About Oregan Networks Ltd

Oregan Networks (http://www.oregan.net) is an established leader in embedded software for broadband entertainment, providing Consumer Electronic device brands and fixed / mobile carriers with customisable solutions for delivery of targeted web infotainment services, advertising, broadband video and gaming.

Oregan has pioneered digital entertainment convergence, focusing on developing lightweight web browsing and media streaming solutions tailored for non-PC consumer electronics and Set Top Boxes. The company’s core product has shipped over 3 million units, counting leading global brands: Sony PlayStation, Philips, Oki and NTT – among its adopters.

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