Obama administration announces new head Computer Security position

In a move hailed by computer security experts across the country, President Obama outlined today a new top ‘cybersecurity czar’ position that would operate out of the White House and have direct access to the president. This speech included reference to a new comprehensive approach to US computer security.

What we say – thank you Mr President. It’s about time a president recognizes how important and potentially fragile our computer systems and networks are. As a sys admin who understands how easily systems can be hacked, I constantly worry that a truly malicious hacker is going to come along and really stick it to us. And I’m not even a pure security expert; they know of 10x as many vulnerabilities as I do!

I love the fact that his speech included terms like ‘malware, spyware, spoofing’ and more. You can see (or read) the president’s speech on the White House website.