Now, a gadget to help you choose your dreams!

Sigmund Freud might have explained how to interpret dreams, but now a Japanese Toy making company has come up with a device that can actually control them.

According to Ananova, Tokyo-based toy makers Takara Co have invented a gadget called Dream Workshop with which people can decide what they want to dream about, complete with the sound effects.

In order to make the gadget work, users must place a photograph of the person they want to dream about on the device, select the music they want to listen to and record word prompts, such as the name of a person.

When the dream workshop is kept near the bedside, it gives out a white light, plays relaxing music and gives out a fragrance, which make the user sleepy. It later plays back the recorded word prompts, at a time when dreams mostly occur. The gadget is currently being tested on people between the age group of 20-40 years and it has recorded a success rate of 22 percent.

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