Not one but three new Sling Media products making the FCC Rounds

New Slingbox As mentioned back on September 14th, TG Daily reported that Sling Media had received approval from the FCC for their first major hardware update to their award-winning Slingbox A/V. Well, according to Smartphone_Slinger on Sling Media actually plans on releasing three new models.

Here’s part of the post:

Model: SB220-100 – Called the “SlingBox Tuner” – It seems to just have Coax Inputs and Outputs (although the test configuration indicates that a remote PC was used to display what was being seen on the DVD, it would be great if it “could” also provide “RF out” when working as a client!)

Model SB200-100 – Called the “SlingBox Pro” – It seems to have HDMI, Tuner (Coax) and 3 Composite/S-Video inputs/outputs (this is the answer to the situation “I have digital or HD and want to use my SlingBox”!) This is a huge box that looks like it is twice as long as the current SlingBox! Likewise, I would be great if this box also has “client” capability!

Model SB240-100 – Called the “SlingBox A/V” – It seems to have just the composite/s-video inputs. As indicated else where this is a cost reduced tuner-less box. This is the one seen in the articles. By the way, when I first saw pictures of this “shorter fatter box” I initially thought that it must have a disk drive installed – PVR like!!!! The “A/V” portion in the name could signify something like this…

Smartphone_Slinger also discovered that Sling Media plans to announce the new boxes on or around September 28th.

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