New Year’s Resolution #6 – Increase Personal Productivity: Lifehacker Book

New Year's Resolution #6 - Increase Personal Productivity: Lifehacker Book

The second New Year’s Resolution “the Geeks” want to help you conquer for the coming year is to increase personal productivity.

One of our favorite blogs in this area in our RSS feeder is lifehacker. Lifehacker has gone analog with a paperback book called “Lifehacker: 88 Tech Tricks to Turbocharge Your Day”. Here is a sampling of some of the hacks:

* Hack 3: Develop your digital photographic memory
* Hack 8: Permanently block time-wasting Web sites
* Hack 20: Automatically empty your digital junk drawer
* Hack 34: Carry your life on a flash drive
* Hack 63: Quick-log your work day
* Hack 87: Resurrect deleted files

Redefine your personal productivity by tweaking, modding, mashing up, and repurposing Web apps, desktop software, and common everyday objects. The 88 “life hacks” — clever shortcuts and lesser-known, faster ways to complete a task — in this book are some of the best in’s online archive. Every chapter describes an overarching lifehacker principle, then segues into several concrete applications. Each hack includes a step-by-step how-to for setting up and using the solution with cross-platform software, detailed screen shots, and sidebars with additional tips. Order your copy today and increase your productivity!

Price: $16.49
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