New Year’s Resolution #5 – Save Money: Quicken

New Year's Resolution #5 - Save Money: Quicken

The third New Year’s Resolution “the Geeks” would like you help achieve is to “save money”.

Really, this is a resolution that is achievable through watching your finances, planning a budget and sacrificing to follow that budget. There are several packages of software that can help you do just that (except for the sacrificing part!), but we like Quicken simply for the fact we’ve both used Quicken for quite a few years now and know how it works. MS Money it a similar program that probably works just as well.

If you know how to track your finances through your check book, you’ll find Quicken Premier 2007 a breeze to use. Just like your checking account, Quicken Premier lets you easily track where you money goes and where it comes from. But unlike your checkbook, which can take hours to balance, Quicken Premier 2007 can help you reconcile your bank statements in a matter of minutes. With more than 123 customer-suggested improvements over the 2006 version, Quicken Premier 2007 is designed to make tracking your personal finances easier than ever. Quicken Premier 2007 lets you control your spending. With a single click, you can run reports that will show you exactly where you’re money is going, and how much is coming in. You’ll never find budgeting your finances, or managing your investments, so easy.

Price: $71.99
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