New Year’s Resolution #4, Cure Addictions: SmokeLessCounter

New Year's Resolution #4, Cure Addictions: SmokeLessCounter

If you smoke, you know very well that you need to quit. There’s no question (from a scientific point of view) that smoking is bad for you. If you believe otherwise, you are in denial! So it’s fitting that one of the resolutions that we chose to help you fullfil is one of beating addictions. First up is your smoking addiction. The SmokeLessCounter aims to cure you by eliminating the habit of smoking, both the physical and psychological urges to smoke. You the smoker chooses the time in which you would like to quit smoking, up to 180 days, enter it into the credit card-sized SmokeLessCounter and it will tell you via a beep when you can smoke. Over time, it cuts down the number of cigarettes you smoke until your quitting day. As a bonus, the counter also tells you how much you’re saving.

You may also be interested in the QuitKey which is another portable electronic tracking device that uses a technique that is a bit more involved to help you to stop smoking.


  • works by gradually eliminating both the physical AND the psychological urge to smoke
  • works using the principals of behavior modification and gradual nicotine withdrawal
  • you choose the time you need to quit smoking  up to 180 days
  • will emit a low beep when it is time to smoke and gradually, day by day, week by week you smoke less and less until your quit day arrives
  • about the size of a credit card

Price: $14.95
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)