New Way of Disseminating Information

One of our readers wrote in to tell us all about a new method of disseminating information that he has invented. We’ve attached excerpts from some of the literature he has passed along to us.

This is a whole new way of disseminating information/media/advertising, to the general public, other than magazines-papers, internet, television, radio,billboards. The invention consists of establishing an infrastructural network for advertising, morning-evening television, daily weather, stock quotes etc… by placing flat screen computers/TV monitors, in various subway stations, trains, street cars and buses. In order to transmit these images onto the monitors, wireless technology and existing cable systems will be used. Essentially, it is a television network within a metro subway station, and the rest of the public transportation (street cars, buses) at a later time.

Audio feed of the program, ‘ll be available through a cellphone(earpiece/headphones), on special **11 channel (for example) via BlueTootch or WI-FI technology, to each and every individual passenger wishing to access the network, without disturbing those who would not like to use the system.

You may also buy advertised products or services shown on the monitor, in real time, by using Interac, Visa, Master Card or any other credit card, via your cellphone.

I am sure that you have already clicked into the fact that this can be a great way to, not only broadcast the daily news,emergency notices to those riding the metro everyday, but more importantly it is a revolutionary and innovative way to generate capital with the help of advertisers and sponsors, who would jump at the opportunity to advertise their products on this new system.

In Canada, according to TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) statistics for last year’s ridership, there are approximately 1 million riders a day who depend on the TTC as a vital source of transportation. Therefore, if this invention was to be implemented into a metro system, 1 million riders would ultimately turn into 1 million viewers a day in Toronto alone. TTC has plans to install similar network in the future , but as many similar systems out there(HK, Barcelona,Berlin, Amsterdam…) they all lack one essential component – audio. I call it the “Charlie Chaplin experience”.

How about listening to the live game commentary of your favorite NFL, NHL,NBA or any other sporting event right at the stadium or arena? All you’ll need to do, is to punch in # # 6 (for example) on your cell, to hear your favorite sports commentator. There is no need for satellite radio anymore!

On average, each rider spends 30-45 min or more commuting to and from work each way, that’s almost 1-3 wasted hours people could have used in viewing your tv program, your advertisements, etc!

With use of my system ,you are able LISTEN and view up to 20-25 different REAL television programs ,or any other commercial/advertising channels shown on multiple monitors installed on the subway platforms and inside subway cars, by punching **10 for FOX , **09 for CNN, **08 for NBC,**07 for MTV etc. Variety of languages could be used in the audio feeds. You can have all major national TV stations, some local ones,plus any specialty channels (Shopping Network, Sports or MTV). Extra choice, extra advertisers, extra revenue.

In 2003, $70 billion (shared between 6 major networks) was spent on TV advertising in US.

Here are just a few of the highlights of this unique invention:

  • It gives one the ability to create their own lasting legacy for themselves and their company.
  • It has the ability to inject money into the TTC, or any other public transit system.
  • By establishing monitors in the metro systems, this will not only increase the amount of ridership in public transportation systems, but it will also lead to more positive ecological solutions to the environment, due to the reduction of emissions.
  • It allows multinational/ transnational corporations or small local, private businesses to advertise in an direct, effective and cost efficient manner. Imagine German or French tourists visiting NY City,and the convenience of information available to them.
  • Currently, one U.S. and one European telecommunications giant has expressed interest to participate in this project.

This invention has a patent pending in both the US and Canada, as well P.C.T. for rest of the world. This revolutionary invention can have long lasting benefits for any company willing to embrace and implement the idea.