New Media Companies Turning Traditional Media Outlets Upside Down

Two news items caught my eye Friday in gadget news.

First, Apple iTunes increased its dominance as the top domestic music e-tailer. iTunes overtook Walmart in 2008 when it reached 21.42% and now iTunes has captured 26.65% of the overall market. Walmart had 14.99% in 2008 and dropped to 12.54% and retains the second spot. The download music segment represents a quarter of all domestic music sales.

iTunes did not exist just 7 years ago. Originally launched only on the Apple platform in April of 2003, the Windows version did not appear until October. Not remembering when I started to make the switch to digital downloads from CD media, I pulled up my account history. My first purchase took place November 1, 2003 when I purchased Harder to Breathe by Maroon 5 and It’s My Life by No Doubt.