New CD Ripping Service From Rip2iPod

CD Ripper ServiceToday Rip2iPod opened their doors to offer a CD ripping service where they convert your CD collection into a digital library. Granted, they are a little late to the game, but hey “better late then never,” right?

The CD ripping process is nothing new and not much has changed over the years on how it’s done. Same old stuff….put the disc in, start ripping, wait 6 minutes add the songs to iTunes. It is still an arduous task given all the technology we have – not in the sense of difficulty, but in the amount of time required.

Consider this: The average CD collection is 250 CDs. The average iPod [or similar] owner has less then 5% of their CD collection ripped into MP3s. Here is why: Ripping the average CD collection of 250 discs takes about 20 hours of work. That’s 20 straight, none-stop, hours. Obviously no one will pull an all-nighter to rip music, but even breaking that up over a several days will easily translate into a couple weeks worth of time. Who wants to deal with that?…and thus your 5%.

CD Ripping ServiceTake a minute and think about your CD collection – it’s your history where music marks your time – and a good chance they’re not in your digital library, but rather sitting on a shelf unused, or in a box put away. Rip2iPod can help with that effort. Starting at $100 for 100 CDs [and prices going down from there] they rip your music into a pristine digital library. The result: A full archive of your CD collection on DVD in MP3 format and ready to be dropped into your iTunes account.

Rip2iPod CD ripping service includes full meta data ID tagging, genre, album artwork when available and your choice of sample bit rates for quality control. For pricing and ripping services visit Rip2iPod.

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