New Bounty to Synchronize TiVo and the Neuros OSD

Neuros OSD Our friends at DVR Upgrade have teamed up with our friends at Neuros Technology to create a couple bounties worth $3500 for the development of software for the Neuros OSD (Open Source Device). The winner of the bounty will have developed an application that allows a OSD user to record TV to both their TiVo device and a portable device such as a laptop, iPod or iPhone in MPEG-4 format which is perfect for the person on-the-go that wants to bring their favorite TV shows with them.

From DVR Upgrade:

People love TiVo for its robust program guide and related features, and people love the OSD for the portability of its recordings. So, we’ve come up with a bounty for a project that combines the best of both devices. Namely for the OSD to piggyback on the TiVo’s recording schedule and make portable MPEG-4 recordings of those shows that you choose. It’s essentially like having TiVo simultaneously record onto a portable device at the same time that its recording to its hard drive. With no file transfer or conversion, you could have all your favorite shows automatically on your laptop, iPod, iPhone, Blackberry or whatever portable device you prefer. Ultimately, this functionality would be perfect for commuters, road-warriors or anyone that spends their days on the go.

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