Neuro Technology Releases Beta of Next-Gen DVR Called Neuros OSD

Neuros OSD Neuros Technology has released the beta of what could become the next generation of DVRs called the Neuros OSD. The Neuros OSD (Open Source Device) is an open-source Linux set-top box that allows you to watch and listen to your media where and when you want to. Powered by dual core multi-media processor, OSD can recprd from any souce and record to a variety of open formats so you can play your content on various devices from laptops to cell phones.

Neuros, with heavy community contributions, has created a very hackable product based on Linux with video recording and playback capabilities. Also, the device is fully networkable and allows USB host connections.

Joe Born from Neuros Technology describes why OSD is revolutionary:

What makes this product so unique is that it combines much of the best of the PC and embedded Consumer Electronics worlds. Like a PC it’s open and evolving, and you’re not stuck with the software that comes pre-installed. Like a CE device, its ready to go out of the box, and it’s small, quiet and relatively cheap ($229 MSRP). Up until now, to get a store-bought open, flexible device connected to your TV, you needed a PC, and all the baggage that comes with it.

We saw a big opportunity in a category that was previously only occupied by “hacked” devices, like hacked XBox’s and TiVos. The big difference is that this device is delivered open, supported by the factory, and the hackers and factory are working together. Maybe ten years from now this will be commonplace, but today it’s virtually unheard of.

The OSD was created to be hacked on many levels. You can hack the kernel or hack the open source application. Also, hackers are discussing implementing Lua on the device which would allow for the use of scripts to control Neuros functionality without having to build or cross compile. Some users are even thinking about hardware hacking to include the OSD in other products for security, adventure and other applications.

The community has already released a few hacks including a wireless dongle hack by Ron G and Sitwon, Hostile and May1937 have worked on making the OSD a working music receiver. Neuros is even offering cash money for OSD Hacks. Neuros has even scheduled “getting started” classes on IRC to help beginners learn to hack the OSD.

A very limited quantity of the beta units are available for sale exclusively on

Neuros Technology is the poster company for embracing their user community and open source and have released a truely revolutionary product.

Source: DVR Playground

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