Most Americans Wait For Gadgets To Be Proven

By Eric Gwinn, Chicago Tribune

Want a notebook computer that fits in your purse? Or a USB memory stick shaped like sushi? How about a 5-megapixel camera that’s smaller than your wallet? Maybe you fancy a laptop made of the same material that keeps jet aircraft safe. Gadgets express who we are in ways other status symbols can’t. You can’t carry your car with you everywhere you go. And though your shoes are always with you, they don’t tell everyone how imaginative and tech-savvy you are. Whip out a notebook computer with an Apple logo on it, however, and people instantly know what you’re all about.

Finding that purse-sized notebook computer or sushi-shaped memory stick – gadgets that look and act like nobody else’s – takes a wee bit of effort, though, unless you live in Asia, particularly Japan.

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