MiMedia’s New Cloud Storage Service – 7GB for Free

MiMedia Cloud Backup and Storage

MiMedia Cloud Backup and StorageYet another consumer cloud storage provider, MiMedia, recently launched a new cloud-hosting plan that offers free 7 GB storage (presumably as a carrot to lure users into eventually signing up for their paid plans). Their next level up is a 250 GB option that costs $10 per month or $99 per year. They also have 500 GB and 1 TB plans.

Although I’m a bit surprised to see yet another entrant into an already crowded field, particularly one that starts off with a free plan, MiMedia includes some attractive features only found scattered across its competitors.

MiMedia Cloud Storage Plans - comparison chart

First, they seem to be copying what Amazon has done with its Cloud Drive solution by allowing users to stream multimedia directly from their cloud-based backup. Another nice feature that I’ve only seen in offerings for larger enterprises is they will send you a portable USB drive for your initial backup, which you then physically mail back to them for a faster start. I imagine that other service providers will soon follow their lead and offer this compelling option as well. The last feature is one seen typically with more sync-oriented services — file and folder sharing over the Internet with friends and family.

Other features include being able to share files (photos, videos, etc.) with friends and family without their needing an account, just send them a link; free mobile apps for iPad and iPhone; real-time backup of your computer files; they even tout their geo-redundant storage (your files are backed up in multiple data centers in different locations).

MiMedia has also been advertising heavily, and their service is definitely worth a look, with its very compelling feature set and pricing.

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Price: 7GB free, $10/mo for 250GB
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)