Mattel Vidster Digital Camcorder

Mattel Vidster Digital Camcorder

Mattel produces the Vidster Digital Camcorder for ages 8 and up including a USB cable to transfer the video to a computer and editting software.

If a kid on your list is a film geek, this would be an excellent present to introduce film-making to the geeklet.

For budding filmmakers: Now the kids can get in on the action with the super sturdy Vidsterâ„¢ digital video camera and editing software suite. Record videos up to eight minutes long and take lots of fun family photos. It comes with a 32MB starter card and an expansion slot for your own SD/MMC card (up to 512MB).

Kid-friendly features: The Vidster is chock full of features, such as a built-in microphone, color LCD viewfinder, tripod mount and removable hand-grip attachment. The camera connects directly to the TV for easy video playback.

Oh-so-simple software: Use the software to edit recordings into movies. In three simple steps, you can add music, apply one of ten different visual styles, then play back your creation on your PC. Files can be emailed to family and friends.

Price: $79.99
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

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