Massive 60 Target USB Duplicator by Nexcopy

About 1 year ago, Nexcopy introduced their 20 target USB duplicator and just recently they announced all new 40 and 60 port USB duplicators.  These massive duplicators wouldn’t help the “average Joe” but for those who deal with flash drives on a daily basis, it’s worth a closer look.

One questions we have; how did Nexcopy get past the drive letter limitation with the larger 40 and 60 port systems?  Typcially you have a drive letter assigned to each stick you plug in but this clearly isn’t the case with the Nexcopy USB duplicators.

In the addition to larger capacity duplicators, Nexcopy also introduced some cool software features.  Two in particular include USB data collection and USB unique data streaming.

USB data collection does the opposite of what a USB duplicator should do…it extracts content OFF the drive.  This feature was designed for schools and universities where teachers and faculty collect homework and test results off USB sticks.  My 5 year old is already required to have a USB flash drive for school, so I can see how collecting content from a USB stick will be a needed requirement.  Plus, it’s time consuming for a teacher to do this one-by-one.  The Nexcopy Data Collection feature makes this a snap.  You plug in 20 [or 40 or 60] devices and click a single button.  The software creates a directory for each stick and dumps the students content into that folder. It’s an automated process which could save a teacher hours of time.

The other feature Nexcopy introduced is the “unique data streaming” feature.  This function is designed for users to put unique files on a specific group of flash drives. mentioned a basic application – putting a unique serial number to each flash drive.  With the Nexcopy API, the user can write a script to shoot a unique file to a specific port/device.   Again, a nice time saving feature because the other option is copy-n-paste one at a time.

The Nexcopy USB duplicators are the USB400PC and USB600PC.  Visit Nexcopy to learn more about flash memory duplicators.

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