MAKE : Technology on Your Time Volume 03

MAKE : Technology on Your Time Volume 03

This past Thursday night I came home and opened the mailbox in what is usually my depressing ritual where I survey the bills. I was very happy to notice my latest Voume of Make Magazine and quickly ripped off the plastic cover to check out what DIY gizmos I can Make.

The most interesting, for me at least, articles include a how-to on creating an effects show that can be synced with sounds for Halloween controlled by a computer, a feature on how to “Mod Your Rod” and finally how to create the cutest little squeezable nightlights. There are many more articles and features and if you haven’t checked out Make magazine yet, you should if you’re a DIY geek.

If you like to tweak, disassemble, re-create, and invent cool new uses fortechnology, you’ll love MAKE our new quarterly publication for theinquisitive do-it-yourselfer. Our third issue looks at how you can turn your car into a Wi-Fi blasting, computer-controlled, GPS-enabled, biodiesel monster. Key features show how to turn a VCR into a pet feeding robot, how to make a see-through potato cannon, create a remote-controlled haunted house for Holloween, and get you the skinny on cheap welding.

The third edition profiles Ed Storms, now retired, and formerly employed atthe Los Alamos National Laboratories. For more than a decade, Storms hasbeen working on low-energy nuclear reactions (LENR.) If LENRs exist and canbe harnessed, they will provide an alternative power source. Since theydon’t emit chemical pollutants, they may even alleviate global warming.

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