LukWerks Digital Video Surveillance Kit

LukWerks Digital Video Surveillance Kit

Besides having a cool name (LukWerks – sounds like a Star Wars R&D shop), the LukWerks Digital Video Surveillance Kit allows you to place cameras anywhere that you have power outlets. The camera’s power adapter also transmits images to the PC over existing powerlines with no networking needed! You can monitor up to 6 cameras realtime and view full color video on PC or over the Internet.

How cool is that?

The included Werksâ„¢ software program displays and stores the footage transmitted by the connected cameras, accessible through a password-protected site. Werks can manage full-motion video from six concurrent cameras, providing stunning live views into every camera while simultaneously recording any motion or scheduled events. Additionally, Werks uses a powerful alerts engine that communicates with your email server to notify up to 10 e-mail addresses or cell phones that a camera has detected and recorded motion, even attaching a frame from the captured video or the entire video segment, if you specify it to do so. Setup controls allow you to view and modify settings for cameras, motion detection, video, system statistics, email, recording schedule, recently recorded video segments, and disk usage.

Price: $329.99
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

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