LIVEdigitally: Electronic House Expo Fall 2004 Show Report

The Electronic House Expo (EHX) occurs twice a year, every Spring and Fall. The event is, for lack of a better phrase, a “CEDIA-lite.” Most of the booths focus on installers and demonstrate high-to-very-high end products, as well as tools for installers (such as cables, line testers, etc.).

The biggest advantage to the smaller attendance of the show is that you get a lot more access to touch, see, feel, and hear the various products and their representatives. If CEDIA is a zoo, then EHX is a nicely maintained pet store in a mall in the suburbs somewhere.

On the downside, not all the big players show up, and those who do are usually showing less extensive product lines. Also, there are much fewer mullets.

After walking the floor for two days, we’ve picked out six products we think are very interesting. Some we like, some we don’t. Some need more work. One of them we’ll pick for our first ever “Best of Show” award (sorry, no trophies or logos or anything – we’re working on it!).

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