LitterChamp Jr. w/Scoop

LitterChamp Jr. w/Scoop

Pets are a joy to have around, but pet maintenance can be a chore. While taking out an entire trash bag that’s empty save for a small amount of kitty litter may seem like a necessary waste in order to avoid the odor, it’s no longer essential. The LitterChamp Jr. is an easy, clean and fun way to dispose of pet waste that neither squanders plastic bags nor leaves odors around the trash can. The included bag roll can be cut to size after each disposal.

The LitterChamp Jr. is easy to use, since it contains a continuous roll of bag liner, so you can cut the exact size bag for every need. Using the included handy detachable scoop, remove the used kitty litter. Step on the receptacle’s pedal to drop the dirty litter inside. Open the door to pull out the full bag and cut the bag on the door-mounted cutter to dispose only of this section of the bag. Then tie a knot at the bottom of the bag roll, and your next bag is ready.

The LitterChamp Jr. features a triple seal lid, so odors are locked in. In fact, with the LitterChamp’s unique bagging system, you’ll never have to see, touch or smell the litter again!

Made of strong ABS plastic, the receptacle cleans easily with soap and water. No assembly is required. Each 40-foot bag roll supplies 20 to 30 custom-cut bags, approximately two to three months’ worth of disposal; additional replacement bags are sold separately. The bag roll is made of high-density polyethylene, 18 microns thick for tear-resistance. The bags are even lightly scented to reduce odors.

Price: $24.99
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