Lexus HS 250h – hybrid eco-vehicle

This is one of our pricey gadgets, but boy is it a nice one. Lexus has just launched a brand new hybrid model, the HS 250h. You’ll probably have seen TV ads already, and will notice ads showing up in print and on billboards soon. The ad campaign’s slogan is “Hello Someday” as in someday your car can have all of these various advanced technologies and someday is today. Well at least in the HS, and sure enough, the HS is really chock full of gee-whiz features.

Here are just some of those features:

  • Lane Keep Assist – helps keep your car in its lane by monitoring the lane markings via radar and micro video cameras.
  • Lane Departure Warning – beep if your car wanders and gently steers it back if it does.
  • Heads up Display – windscreen in front of the driver shows turn by turn directions as well as the buttons that the driver is touching on the steering wheel
  • Dynamic Radar Cruise Control – help you stay a pre-set distance from the car in front of you, and automatically applies the brakes and/or accelerator to keep that distance.
  • Pre-Collision System – uses radar to sense imminent collisions and applies brakes and pulls in seatbelts.
  • Voice Command – voice-recognition system allows users to say commands. For example, control the temperature and call someone.
  • Driver Attention Monitor – uses infrared sensors to monitor the driver’s face to ensure they’re paying attention

In addition to the features, the HS touts eco-friendly feature such as recycled materials, ecological plastics and reduced emissions. That is just a sampling of features. Lexus has put together a nice website that shows off these features nicely with videos and more.

The HS 250h starts at approx $35k.