Lexar LDP-400 128Mb MP3 Player

Lexar LDP-400 128Mb MP3 Player

Lexar Media offers a digital music player that you can upgrade with your music collection. If you’re sick of the hard drive or built-in flash memory MP3 players, this may be a gizmo for you.

LDP-200 (or LDP-400 for the 128Mb model which of course can be upgraded) uses the Secure Digital card reader and if you want more songs, or a different genre of songs, you simply pop in a new SD card.

This music player supports MP3 and Windows Media Audio formats and it even supports the evil Microsoft digital rights management technology.

The Lexar(tm) 128MB LDP-400 Digital Music Player is a Digital Music Player and a Digital Storage Device all in one. It lets you listen and carry your favorite music wherever you go as well as stores your important data files. It supports MP3 and WMA formats and includes a unique slide-out USB connector so you can connect ot to any computer without the need of a USB extension cable. It’s powered by one AAA battery.

Price: $69.98
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