Leviton Acenti Products

Leviton Acenti Products

The Acenti™ Collection, the broadest new-product launch in Leviton’s history, creates a new class of premium-grade wiring devices for America’s luxury homes.

“One of the virtues of the Acenti Collection is that it allows architects and designers to create a consistent design statement down to the last detail,� said James Sherman, Leviton’s marketing director for residential products. “We’ve committed to launch a complete residential line, with 40 different devices and components, to achieve a unified design throughout the home.�

The Acenti Collection includes:
Lighting controls, electronic and electromechanical switches featuring an ON/OFF Push Pad with return-to-neutral action and a soothing blue LED locator light to help users find the device in a darkened room.
Lighting controls with digital circuitry, a Dim/Bright bar and a subtle blue LED brightness level indicator.
A choice of matching or coordinating remote units designed for 3-way or multi-remote installations with lighting controls or an electronic switch.
A single-pole, 20 amp-rated electromechanical switch for garbage disposals and other motor loads.
15 and 20 Amp receptacles, in traditional duplex and an exclusive Triplex configuration that fits in a standard size wallbox and accepts 3 NEMA grounding plugs.
A ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) with patented “dead-face” safety feature (no power to receptacle face if improperly wired with a line-load reversal) and a lockout feature for added safety.
A surge-protected receptacle that protects sensitive electronics against transient voltage surges, and features an audible alarm and soothing blue monitor/indicator light.
A full-range of voice and data QuickPort® connectors for telephone, data, audio/video distribution and home-networking capabilities.
A complete offering of screwless, snap-on wallplates with a patented alignment system that ensures alignment of devices and wallplates. Multi-gang wallplates accommodate up to six devices without the traditional dividers between devices.
Brushed stainless steel screwless wallplates—an industry first.

The Acenti Collection comes in a range of neutral and off-white designer tones. All visible surfaces are molded from engineering-grade polymer to ensure a uniform matte finish and flawless color match.

The Acenti Collection comes in a range of classic and neutral tones, an engineering-grade polymer, is used for all visible surfaces, providing unmatched consistency of color.

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