Launch Of Juicecaster™ – The World’s First Personal Broadcast Network

New York and Los Angeles, Jan. 24, 2006 – – The JuiceCasterâ„¢ Network ( – the world’s first Personal Broadcast Network – is launched today by Juice Wireless – an award winning creator of interactive mobile applications. JuiceCasterâ„¢ enables any consumer to quickly and easily create, distribute, and access original multi-media content – called JuiceCasts – including text, pictures, audio and/or video, from virtually any digital device, from PCs to cell phones, iPods and more. The JuiceCaster Network integrates the JuiceCaster functionality on a large range of content driven web sites, so that any user on any web site in the network can easily find and experience any JuiceCast created by any other user on any other site in the JuiceCaster Network.

“Our vision is that the world of user generated content and social media should be a fully integrated part of the consumer’s overall content experience. The separation of user generated content from ‘mainstream’ content is fundamentally flawed. The consumer wants great content. Any time, any where, on any device,�? said Nick Desai, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of Juice Wireless.

“Fundamental to the realization of this vision is that user generated content has to be just as easy to find as mainstream content, and even easier to access. The JuiceCaster Network gives the average person the ability to “cast�? out his content to the world – or just friends and family – using meta-data controlled by the content creator,�? added Desai.

“JuiceCaster has the ability for users to create all types of content, for the creator to control the searchable meta-tagging of that content, and for access to all content to be available on virtually any digital device. The user doesn’t want a mobile blogging community separate from a podcasting community. The user wants integration and ease of access and the JuiceCaster Network gives that to all users, even those least familiar with the internet,�? said Desai.

Desai continued, “Equally important to the realization of this vision is the JuiceCaster Network – our ever-expanding collection of small to medium sized content driven web sites who are struggling to keep users on their site. The JuiceCaster Network delivers loyalty and new content to the Network web sites, delivers contextual relevance and ease of access to the consumer, and delivers niche targeting with single point of purchase to the advertiser.�?

How JuiceCaster Works:

For Creators:

• Go to or any web site on the JuiceCaster Network (such as to get a free JuiceCaster account. In one minute, you’ll be ready to start creating content for the world to see.

• Make a JuiceCaster about fly-fishing, politics or the quest for the perfect cappuccino by writing text and attaching photographs, audio and video files from your computer.

• Caught a beautiful sunset? Or somebody doing something stupid? Create a Candid by capturing a picture, audio or video from your mobile phone and texting it in. Your Candid posts instantly to the JuiceCaster Candids page. Check out to experience today’s Candids.

For Viewers:

• JuiceCaster makes it fast and easy to search JuiceCasts of topics you are interested in.

• JuiceCaster takes podcasting to the next level, as you can download audio files to play on your iPodTM.

• Get an email or SMS text message to alert you when a JuiceCaster Author you like posts a new JuiceCast.

• Out and about? The free JuiceCaster Mobile Companion for your cell phone lets you browse by location and topic, so it’s easy to find a nearby restaurant or band that somebody just raved about in their JuiceCasts.

About Juice Wireless

Juice Wireless, Inc. is an award winning creator of innovative, consumer-friendly and highly useful applications accessible by consumers on virtually all digital devices, from the computer to the mobile phone to the iPodTM and more. Juice Wireless’ flagship product is the JuiceCaster (, the world’s first Personal Broadcast Network.

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