Latest spectacle in movie watching


A new gadget from Japan nicknamed the vPod is poised to invade subways and airplanes around the world, possibly doing for video what the hugely popular iPod did for music.

The miniature display, officially called the Teleglass, can be attached to an ordinary pair of eyeglasses and allows the wearer to watch DVDs or read a computer screen through one eye while they’re on the go.

“It would be perfect for people on subways,” said Mitch Axsom, the American representative for the Tokyo-based company, Scalar. “You’d not only be able to watch movies, you could listen to music as well. There’s a versatility there.”

Despite its small size, the wearer actually sees an image equivalent to watching a 14-inch screen from a distance of 3 feet. And people easily get used to viewing an image through one eye only, said Axsom, who has tried a prototype of the Teleglass used in factories.

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