K9 Kalmer

K9 Kalmer

Reduce excessive barking without exposing your pet to painful shocks, sprays or sound! While most dogs will bark in reaction to certain stimuli, such as a knock at the door or the unexpected presence of a stranger, persistent barking often indicates an apprehensive or anxious dog. The K9 Kalmer uses an ultrasonic tranquil tune that’s inaudible to people in order to ease the anxiety that triggers your dog’s unwarranted barking. Your neighbors will appreciate it, too!

The K9 Kalmer plugs right into your wall with the included power adapter. Plug it in anywhere: It is housed in a weather-resistant casing, and with a 100-yard range, your dog will be able to hear the music anywhere in the house, regardless of walls and doors. This broad range also makes the K9 Kalmer a handy product if it’s your neighbor’s dog that’s keeping you awake at night.

When you begin your dog’s training, you’ll set the K9 Kalmer to its highest setting, in which it plays its tune one hour on, one hour off for 24 hours before automatically adjusting itself to the lower setting of one hour on, two hours off. After five days, lower the setting to one hour on, three hours off, and the following day, lower it to the bottom setting, at which it remains on for one hour and off for five.

Tested in hundreds of homes, this musical composition actually works to calm your dog, with no effect on his ability to react to an intruder.

Price: $79.99 (on sale for $74.99)
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